How to take care of your green plants

Most of them come from tropical area and prefer sunny and warm room temperature(24 degrees celcius).

Keep them away from heaters in winter because the air is to dry.

Watering should be done once a week, if the soil is dry or the pot is light weight when you lift it.

Make sure there is no water sitting at the bottom of the pot , to avoid infestations of insects, diseases and other pests that thrives in those conditions.

Fertilize with a 20-20-20 type will help them to produce and keep nice leaves. Follow manufacturer intructions. In winter, stop the fertilization because most of them are dormant and start again around March.

How to take care of your blooming plants

Most of the them, with some exceptions, need a good amount of sun. It’s not a question of intensity but rather of being exposed for a sufficient time period, to produce great flowers. A South -East orientation is usually the best for an optimal blooming.

Water them once a week minimum, but in summer, if their surrounding becomes warmer, the plants may need more watering. Make sure the soil is dry or that the pot is of rather light weight when you lift it. Don’t leave stagnating water at the bottom of the pot to avoid infestations or diseases. You can use some 15-30-15 fertiliser to extend the blooming period.

Phaleonopsis Orchids need a good amount of humidity because of the composition of the soil ( a mix of bark pieces,wood chips ….) a daily vaporisation only of the leaves is needed. To water them we recommand to fill the pot with room temperature water and leave it there for 10 min approx.and remove all the excess water from it if you don’t want her to marinate in it.This way you assure her a high degree of moisturation for the week . Do that all year and maybe twice a week in summer time if the room is over heated.

A South -East spot is the best for an optimal blooming (not in full sun but a long period of sunlight ).When the main stem is faded ,remove the flowers but don’t cut the stem. You will miss lateral stem that will give you multiple blooming. It is easier for her the give you those secondary stems then to start a new one at the base.

Cyclamen and poinsettia’s trive in part shade and cooler temperature , avoid placing them near a heater in winter time. Keep the soil slightly moist at the touch or lift the pot and watered them only if it is light weight .

Cyclamen and african violet prefer to be watered at the bottom this will avoid rotting the core of it.

This is based on our observations in store and with clients over the years.

For more informations don’t hesitate to consult us.

Some advices to take care of your plants while you are away from home.

1) For a month or more, we offer you to take care of  them in pension, for a low price.

2) For 7 to 15 days….We advice you to water them generously and regroup them in the middle of a sunny room but do not expose them to full sun. They will suffer more to have a deficit of light then water . If you think that some will need more watering  put them in a deeper dish and add water .